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Archive of: September, 2013
'Time and Seasons'

With Autumn descending and the seasons changing it is noteworthy to note that, what was – is no more. Times change, people change. There is an uncontrollable clock called ‘time’ which has no stop button.

I read of a dentist recently who retired after 40 years of practice. The locality he [...]

Post Uganda - Ojali

On arrival from Uganda the first thing that struck me about being back was the weather. I left England when it was still warm only to return with Autumn waiting to greet me as I step into Heathrow with flip-flops. The next day I was back at work so I [...]

I would go back - Kate

Post missions check list: Malaria tablets have all been taken now; pictures have all been shown; stories have all been told. Done. This marks exactly one week AFTER we’ve returned from Uganda! Still feels strange. I’m back at work and everything has just resumed as usual. This is when [...]

One week later - Hannah

This time a week ago I was waking up to the sounds of cockerels announcing the awakening of another African sunrise; colours of reds and oranges in the sky. This morning, however, I find myself awakening to pale greys and blues alongside the sounds of the familiar raindrops of signature [...]

Who am I? - Stephanie Anyan

Even though I’ve been a Christian for 20 years – and I am totally confident in Christ in many ways. My achilles heel was recognising who I am, in Christ. Not what people say I am or think I should be, but who I was born and destined to be. [...]

London - 2 days later (Amit)

I arrived back in London on Monday night with a sense of relief, not because I had come home but because I had fulfilled everything asked of me.  There has been a sense of satisfaction about this mission and the key for me was to stay humble despite the authority [...]

Jesus the healer! – a modern day miracle (Rachel)

As the mission has now come to an end and the team have since left Gulu, making their way back to the Uk. I still remain for a few weeks in the good company of Daniel and Jody who are based here. Therefore, already being familiar with Gulu as I [...]

Coming to the end - Michael

The days on missions always started with praise/worship and word at the hotel, then the same at the TEAMS sanctuary! I found this exhilarating and these times of devotions got the day off to an exciting start!

There was lots going on with the ministering, teaching and praying and the [...]

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