'Time and Seasons'

With Autumn descending and the seasons changing it is noteworthy to note that, what was – is no more. Times change, people change. There is an uncontrollable clock called ‘time’ which has no stop button.

I read of a dentist recently who retired after 40 years of practice. The locality he first started at was a small village, starting in his back room. The same area is now a conglomerance of streets and shops with no partition between, that has become a monotone town.  There is no way back, no way to return to ‘what was’.  As we age, we begin to talk in decades, not days. We begin to think in memories to cherish, not mountains to climb. This is a natural path of time.

However, time has a finality – it’s called eternity. Time is superintended by eternity. Time is just a pilot, of a bigger landscape called eternity. How you spend your time is limited. How you spend eternity is timeless.

People who superintend time with eternity – find perspective and purpose. Jesus was a master at superintending time with eternity. In the context of a Roman occupation, Jewish backsliding and rampant sectarianism – he was able to bring heaven’s commentary and eternities reality, into every situation. He brought the divine, into the humane. The supernatural into the ordinary. The miraculous into the mundane.

So in all the movement of time – know that only one holds the hand of eternity in his grasp. Only one holds the key to forever in his door.  Jesus was very clear, that the door of salvation – has only one entry point. The power of the gospel does not rest in the message, but in the man.

Jesus the same – yesterday, today and forever.