Post Uganda - Ojali

On arrival from Uganda the first thing that struck me about being back was the weather. I left England when it was still warm only to return with Autumn waiting to greet me as I step into Heathrow with flip-flops. The next day I was back at work so I didn’t really feel liked I ‘d had time to readjust to being back in the UK let alone being back at work.
Post mission schedule for me back in London has been non stop. Starting a new rotation, getting back into youth group meetings, trying to do some reading and attempting to spend some time with loved ones. Trying to do all these things the day after you arrive pushed my physical capacity.
It took those close to me to SHOUT you need to rest before I realised I did need to take a couple of evenings out for decent rest.  Sharing my photos and experiences with family and work colleagues has been a great way to reflect on the activities of Uganda and being asked questions has also made me think of about the changes that have occurred in me due to the mission trip.

A final thought how does the person you’ve become post trip fit into the everyday routine you’ve returned to or is your everyday routine meant to fit this post Uganda person?

Every Blessing