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It is hard to believe that TEAMS is now 21 years old and has definitely “come of age”!

During this time, we have spread the word of God to countless people, helped teach hundreds to read and write English; taught many a Skill-for-life in our vocational training centre; supported more than [...]

Retiring Trustee

Adrian Ford, one of TEAMS UK Trustees is retiring as he will have fulfilled his 2 year term on 30th April.
He has recently taken on the chair of another charity and due to this commitment did not feel able to offer himself for a further term.

I, and the board [...]

Christmas message from the Trustees

WOW - 2020, a year like no other! Across the world so many have died from Covid-19 and others are facing difficulties that they could never have ever dreamt of before the pandemic arrived. We want to thank you so much for your continued support - financial and with prayer - in [...]

TEAMS has a new UK Trustee and Director.

The UK Board of TEAMS is delighted to announce that it has appointed a new Trustee. Revd Bruce Thomson was formally appointed as a Trustee of TEAMS UK and a Director of TEAMS Ltd at its Board meeting on 13th August. Bruce joins us at an important time as we look towards [...]

TEAMS has a new Trustee!
TEAMS has a new Trustee!


The Trustees are delighted to announce a new addition to the UK board.

Adrian Ford joined the board on the 9th April and brings with him a considerable depth of experience in working with charities and businesses.

Adrian, a young retiree, lives in the south west of England but has travelled [...]


The Trustees and Ugandan staff wish all of our supporters and volunteers a very Happy New Year and pray that it will be healthy and peace-filled!

We really appreciate your support and prayers and look forward to serving those in need in Northern Uganda during 2019.

May God bless you richly and [...]

Easter on TEAMS' site
Easter on TEAMS' site


During the morning Rosalind, one of our Board members led a quiet, contemplative service focussing on various individuals involved in Christ’s crucifixion.
We thought about how they must have felt, the pressures they were under and why they acted as they did, pausing to think about how we might [...]

Children’s Fun Time - Easter Sunday afternoon
Children’s Fun Time - Easter Sunday afternoon

Local children don’t get to play very much, there are so many chores to do and imaginative play and having fun is not something many ever have time to think about. The joy and excitement on the children’s faces as they arrived was so touching. The simple things we [...]

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