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Retracing my steps reflectively…

Returning to UK on Wednesday 27th August, stepping back onto British concrete and seeing the familiar sites in Terminal 3, there was no mistake that we were home. After saying our goodbyes we departed to our individual journeys home. Although, we corporately journeyed to Uganda together, individually our life journey [...]

Day 8 - Temperance

Mission to Uganda August 14


The most common Greek word for self-control (temperance, KJV) is enkrateia - Its root meaning is: power over oneself or self-mastery. Self-control and is also the virtue that holds our appetites in check, controlling our rational will or regulating our conduct without being duly swayed by [...]

Day 9 - Joy

Mission to Uganda August 14

Joy is often misunderstood for happiness a lot of the time. Happiness is an unstable state whereby we can move in and out of happy moods. whereas Joy is the complete opposite. Joy is designed to always remain within us, no matter what circumstance or position [...]

Day 7 - Peace

Peace - "without peace there is no trust in God"

Today’s devotional topic is peace.What does peace mean?

Freedom from disturbances, quiet, tranquil and calm.

Being in the world, peace is seen as something of a temporary nature. I never knew what the true meaning of peace was through Christ.

Being peaceful [...]

Day 5 - The Fruit Of Long Suffering 

Mission to Uganda August 14

I didn’t really understand what the word long suffering meant. I thought it meant to suffer long (and in some ways maybe that is true) but, as I looked up the definition of long suffering, in the Websters dictionary informed me that it is:

1. (n.) Bearing [...]

Day 3 - Entering Into The Thick Of It

As the theme for the trip is the fruits of the spirit we have looking into the different aspects of this. Today the theme was ‘goodness.’

What have we experienced so far? A series of delays for the journey, lack of sleep and also long days. However this is not negative. [...]

Day 4 - Faith The Currency Of The Kingdom

Today, I was asked to speak in our daily morning devotionals, on faith as a fruit of the Spirit. Faith has been a key component in my life (as it should for all of us). It is a strong or unshakable belief in something; trust in God and His actions [...]

Wanting More Of God

As we sat for our morning devotionals, the theme for the morning was meekness. Meekness is usually described as being in a state of humility or of a lowly mind, which means to think yourself lower than God. However, there is a greater extension to that meaning and Jesus talks [...]

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