Day 4 - Faith The Currency Of The Kingdom

Today, I was asked to speak in our daily morning devotionals, on faith as a fruit of the Spirit. Faith has been a key component in my life (as it should for all of us). It is a strong or unshakable belief in something; trust in God and His actions and promises; or the belief of testimony. I have found that faith is the “currency”, if you will, by which God operates and it is ultimately what pleases Him. The works that we do are founded on faith and if we don’t have it we cannot step out and accomplish what God has asked of us.

I have always taken the analogy of a mountain being moved into the sea to be literal, and I still believe that one day I’ll be able to do this through the Holy Spirit. But most importantly on this mission trip I think it is important for the entire team to display an unshakable faith to the local community, as the unity and faith that is shown by us is what will impact the lives of the people.

Thoughts of the mission:

This is the first time that I have been on a mission trip. However, it is not my first time to East Africa. Therefore, I can say personally from the outset I have felt at home in Uganda and it helps that I am with a group of people who are slowly but surely becoming part of a family, my family, that we can be together and share each others company. I have seen God work in the people out here already, but I still think that there is far more to come from God.

Mehul Shah