One week later - Hannah

This time a week ago I was waking up to the sounds of cockerels announcing the awakening of another African sunrise; colours of reds and oranges in the sky. This morning, however, I find myself awakening to pale greys and blues alongside the sounds of the familiar raindrops of signature British weather. The contrast, striking.

Trivial things aside, this week has been a challenge in itself. It’s easy to get caught up in all the grandeur of a successfully completed mission and return home feeling empowered to take on the world…but somehow when it comes to taking on my own world, it appears to be somewhat more challenging!
Two days after setting foot on home soil I began a doctorate in child, community and educational psychology. The next three years of my life career-wise will be dedicated here.

God reminds me that this, too, is a mission much like Uganda. Here, like there, I have been positioned by God. The requirements are the same; put Him as the focus, commit my ways to Him, listen to His direction, be obedient etc.

Even though Uganda seems miles away, it was actually a mission for a moment in the vastness of my journey through life. There will be many missions throughout our journeys, but the focus and goal will always be the same; to glorify God and reach people for the Kingdom.

Let’s take on the world!