I would go back - Kate

Post missions check list: Malaria tablets have all been taken now; pictures have all been shown; stories have all been told. Done. This marks exactly one week AFTER we’ve returned from Uganda! Still feels strange. I’m back at work and everything has just resumed as usual. This is when the ‘withdrawal symptoms’ kick in. No more sunny days, fresh food, joyful people unashamed of praising God in all they do….

On reflection I continue to ponder on how I’m going to take my experiences forward. Would it matter to others? Well, yes it does. I’ve had opportunities in the last few days to explain what I took from Uganda. One of the occasion was with the youth at my church. Myself and the other youth leaders presented what we did out there and what we saw. We relived the experiences; the testimonies; and spoke about the tradegy that the past war had left in the memory of the locals. The truth be told that for me I felt the biggest impact was being part of their lifestyle; the worship; the adoration they have for God- it made me want him more!

And so the weeks will go by and then the months, but the impact of what God has allowed us to see through this courageous group of people is a permanent fixture in my heart. I’ve been asked many times this week if I would go back. My answer without hesitation is: “Of course I would!” Even if I come back with these same longings, at least the longings would be sure proof that I was part of their memories as much Uganda is part of mine.