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Uganda Blog by David Olusanya

I have been in Uganda for just over a week now. There has been plenty going on with me personally. I am a lay minister of the word of God in every area of my life and minister into the lives of others in the UK and Africa. I am [...]

Two Day Mens Conference At TEAMS
Two Day Mens Conference At TEAMS

Just last week TEAMS and it’s GL12 Mens leader, Pastor Charles Lakon, had organised and led a two day men's conference with board member Amit Dattani flying in from the UK to speak and participate.

The event was extremely successful with topics consisting of: a responsibility of a man, how a [...]

Outbreak of God’s Presence at Gulu Men’s Prison (NEW SIDE)
Outbreak of God’s Presence at Gulu Men’s Prison (NEW SIDE)

Amit and David accompanied Pastor Eric (Prison Pastor) for the first time to Gulu mens prison (new side) in what was an awesome experience. There is a church service held between 2pm-4pm every Sunday in the prison and this time there were 173 inmates in attendance.

The service started with some [...]

2nd Years sit the DIT Tailoring Examination

Wow, it's been a very eventful few days requiring much effort and prayer.

So often in Uganda things are not as well organised as we might wish. Jefferson, our Site Manager had a text message on Friday from the Directorate of Industrial Training in Kampala to go and collect the details [...]