Uganda Blog by David Olusanya

I have been in Uganda for just over a week now. There has been plenty going on with me personally. I am a lay minister of the word of God in every area of my life and minister into the lives of others in the UK and Africa. I am particular activein preaching & teaching, healing, prison ministry and counselling. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Uganda and have built relationships that will last a lifetime

I have witnessed Gods Holy Spirit in action during my time preaching in prison and TEAMS church with many being healed, delivered set free, receiving the truth and most importantly of all men giving their lives to Christ. I have witnessed the joy of the Holy Spirit in myself in a new way. Very importantly I have also been wonderfully encouraged by the humility and hospitality of the local people.

Though I was here for just over a week, this has without doubt been a life changing experience for me. On my first day back at work yesterday I got very little done as my colleagues only wanted to hear what I had been up to in Uganda. I took this opportunity to glorify the Word of God and sow into their lives. As you can see, going to Uganda with TEAMS will reach far beyond just what happened in Uganda

Glory to Him!!