TEAMS Church reopens again and celebrates with a "Youth Sunday" event
TEAMS Church reopens again and celebrates with a

Following the long Ugandan lock-down, TEAMS church has reopened again and our young Pastor, Charles Ajum, is growing its congregation. Adult numbers are about double the number of attendees at the beginning of 2020 with between 70 and 80 adults. We are delighted that more and more local people are coming to receive the Word. On Sunday 24th October TEAMS hosted a Youth Sunday event. 180 youth and young adults plus about 70 younger children attended from various churches in the Gulu area. The programme began at 9:30am and ran until 4:00pm. The church decided to prepare “KATOGO” as a simple meal for all of those attending, Katogo is cassava cut into pieces and cooked together with beans. This was very well received as many are hungry and provided a tummy filling staple and with the beans a nutritious meal which is loved by all the locals. Photographs of this event will be uploaded as soon as possible and then you will be able to see that everyone was having a great time and wearing their best clothes.
They were all delighted to be allowed to socialize after so long and thrilled that churches are once again open. Charles gave a talk about the transformation from childhood to adulthood and the value of a child. (Psalm.127:3) Other topics covered included life skills, humility, working hard and being committed to the work of the Lord. The weather was kind so there were many outside activities too. Please pray for this momentum to continue and that Pastor Charles is able to reach out to more and more people.