Prayers needed!
Prayers needed!
Layibi has a ‘red cross’ outbreak

We were confronted with this sight when we arrived at our centre in Layibi, Gulu last month. Even recently constructed splendid houses are not immune.

The National Government is proposing a new road to serve Gulu Station (which is derelict, has no railway lines and hasn’t seen a train for decades). It appears to be decimating the Layibi community. 100’s of buildings that are apparently affected are daubed with red crosses as if they have the plague!

A considerable slice of our frontage on the existing road appears to be affected including our main gate, guardhouse, clinic and kitchen building. Much of the car parking in front of our church, landscaping and many trees all seem destined to fall foul of the bulldozer.

We tried to meet with the local MP to see what he could do for us, but he was on a conference in Kampala. Next we tried to meet with the Municipal Engineer in Gulu but he is on study leave for his next examinations but we did speak with his deputy! All that he could tell us was that his department had not yet seen any detailed plans. It was however going to be a route for HGV’s!

The Government is seemingly reluctant to tell even their local council officials what is going on. They are not even saying which Ministry is taking responsibility for the road!

Our approach road is currently unsurfaced, tranquil and quite delightful (except in the rainy season when it turns into a slippery sticky quagmire).

The new road will significantly impact our site and naturally we will be pressing for adequate compensation. However, “TIA” – “This Is Africa” and we are very concerned we will not receive fair compensation. We cannot start to imagine what the literally hundreds of home owners in the surrounding area must be thinking. They stand to lose everything.

Please remember this community and TEAMS in your prayers, that our fears and concerns will be shown to be unfounded and that either this ridiculous proposal will be abandoned or everyone will indeed receive fair treatment and compensation to enable us all to rebuild what we are likely to lose.