The next building for the TEAMS site in Uganda?
The next building for the TEAMS site in Uganda?

Ambitious plans have been drawn up by leading international Architects Haskoll (generously f.o.c. to TEAMS) for a large multi purpose building. Situated between the church and the recently completed classroom complex (also pro bono work by Haskoll) it has been designed to be a light, airy and flexible building.

The new building will have a large African Kitchen and food preparation area, a servery, store rooms and a large hall which will seat 100 (with the potential for further seating under the peripheral verandas which are accessed through large sliding sections of wall). The whole building is situated amidst the lawned gardens which surround the church.

This building will be used as a dining room, conference centre, children’s Sunday school room (at present they have no covered area for teaching or play) and last but not least, as a wedding celebration venue.

The Board has carefully considered which of our development options should be brought forward next and unanimously chose this project as it serves many needs and is the only one which has the potential to become an income generating building as well! With an element of self help, we believe this building can be constructed and equipped for between £40,000-£45,000. Presently, as a result of some generous donations, we have about 1/3rd of this amount available to us.

We are therefore launching an appeal to raise £25,000 to start this project.

Weddings are a “big event” in Ugandan culture and TEAMS is blessed with one of the largest and most attractive churches in the area. It sits amongst well tended lawns within a 5 acre site and has an air of tranquility that is becoming hard to find in the Gulu area. At present, few weddings happen at the Sanctuary as we have no catering or dining facilities to offer. The main “wedding breakfast hotels” lie to the north of Gulu and thus logistically it makes sense to get married closer to where the celebrations take place. We believe that it would be a valuable addition to the southern Gulu community to have a good quality, relatively low cost wedding venue at our centre alongside the church. This proposed facility would fill a gap in the market and over time offer a much needed source of income to TEAMS.

We hope that you will be able to help us fulfil our vision and assist us on the journey towards a self sustaining Ministry to serve the needy communities in Northern Uganda. Please do contact us to either make a donation or discuss ways you can help, via the contact button below.

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