Staff Team Building Day 2016
Staff Team Building Day 2016

Earlier this year, TEAMS organised a staff team building day, which the majority of staff attended. They went to the Recreation Project in Gulu and were facilitated by a friend of TEAMS, Dan Unterheiner. At their site, staff participated in a variety of activities and challenges, which promote teamwork and perseverance. From the pictures and the staff feedback*, it seems like they had a lot of fun and learnt a few things about teamwork at the same time.

(More information about the Recreation Project can be found here:

I am really delighted by the TEAMS – UK office arrangement to have time for recreation at such a wonderful place. Recreation centre - Lacor being directed by Mr. Daniel. The officer in charge welcomed us and directed us to the two female staff and four males staff attendants with whom we interacted a lot through various games and plays, flying like a bird in the air was very exciting…

…The things that impacted me the most was crossing the bridge that required a lot of creative thinking from each one of us participants otherwise one would sink into the sea. This really encourages team work.

Thanks. Lajul Newman – Village Health Training Coordinator

I would like to send my sincere thanks for such a wonderful day. It was really a happy moment for me to enjoy, I learnt a lot from the various kinds of activities that took place. The first is determination - I learnt that we should not give up in life but we should have determination, then things will work out. The second is unity - together everything is possible.

On that day I was able to know other staff and we had interactions among ourselves and this made me learn new ideas…. I was really happy when I saw some of the pigs, rabbits that Dan was keeping and this has encouraged me to keep some animals so as to generate income. In conclusion, I would say that everything is possible through hard work so thanks very much. May the almighty God bless the members and Board of Directors TEAMS abundantly.

Thanks. Alice – Farm Hand

I will never and ever forget that day, at the beginning I thought it was just games that we will play and eating. However during the games I learnt a lot of things such as working together, when we were asked to cross the river with two timbers and the timbers are not supposed to remain behind. The lesson I learnt was that collective hands are very important even in the organization. Sometimes things might be very tough but when we bring all the ideas together and the thoughts then it will be simple to solve the issues (together we can).

Also learnt about perseverance and tolerating one another, in a group where there are two or more people gathered together there will be different thoughts and ideas. When the thoughts are use well instead, it will be for the advantage of that group or organisation.

Lot of lessons I have learnt.

Thanks. Sam – Agriculture Programme Coordinator, Site Maintenance Officer

My thanks goes to the board for organising such a wonderful day to staff first of the kind.

I found out that together we excel, apart we fall/fail, there is also power in team work, as there is a saying in English that, two heads are better than one head, collective ideas were coming from different people and it lead our team to success. I also found that in whatever hard condition you are in, never give up in life then you will succeed as per what we experienced in river crossing and cob web passing. I also realised that when you brag that you know more people will not help you…

All the activities were so interesting to me and I managed to finish all the activities given to me successfully, I pray that next time we get adventuring in another new place.

God bless you. Moro Geoffrey – Book Keeper & Microfinance Officer

…On Friday 5th. February 2016, TEAMS organised a special recreation for all the staff and GL 12 Leaders of which my wife is one of them, from 8:30am up to 4:30pm. It was so exciting for me because first of all, it has brought me even more closer with my wife. For so long we had been focusing in working hard for our children and come back home very tired and just rush to rest. No serious interaction. That day we really rejoiced and enjoyed the activity of each other.

I also learnt that it is important to work together to achieve big goal, everybody is useful in a society, we all have special gift which can build a society and everybody can be inspired to think creatively.

I thank TEAMS so much for that exciting event. May God make TEAMS prosper exceedingly!!!!!

Nyeko Jefferson – Project Coordinator & Staff Officer

I want to thank you for what you have planned for us all. It was enjoyable to share on the recreation day. What we have learnt: I learnt a lot about supporting each other because you cannot do everything alone, some other work needs a team effort, so every person is useful and we should not undermine them. He or she can help you in one way or the other.

And we have learned how to help each other when someone has a problem. We got a chance to swing in the air. And lastly, of everything we have learnt, the most powerful of all was teamwork is very important to us all. I do appreciate you for what you have done for us all. God bless you.

Thanks. Christine – Sewing School Assistant & Sewing Enterprise Leader

*(Note some of the comments below were written by our staff and but have been edited to help the flow of the text.)