Update from Duncan/Rosalind’s recent trip to Uganda

Robert and Martin looking very smart and proud in their new Security Guard uniforms. As we have increased the overall security on site by employing an outside agency we felt it appropriate to equip our onsite security staff with smart new uniforms. These were made by SEAMS – our Sewing Enterprise and the colour and design was discussed and agreed upon by everyone.

Alice, Sam, James and Stephen in the new Horticulture workwear made by the SEAMS ladies in the Sewing Enterprise. They say they now feel professional and it is much better as they have special work clothes, also at the end of the day they can shower and return home in the clean clothes they came to work in

Sadly the tomato harvest failed completely as the plants were blighted but there has been success with the watermelons so this area will be tried again. Our Banana plantation is growing well – we hope to have our first crop next year.

Duncan had another meeting with the Agricultural Faculty of Gulu University who are still keen to work with us on a joint venture to give their students work experience and provide much needed expertise to us! Further talks will hopefully mean this can be implemented in the New Year.

Rosalind visited Gulu Central Hospital with 4 members of the Hospital Visitation Team – Janet, Margaret, Joska and Alex. The team regularly visit the hospital offering patients emotional support and prayer. She writes, “On this visit I bought many hand knitted items from the UK, gifted with love by those concerned for the Ugandan children. We visited the Neo Natal department, at present housed in temporary accommodation, there were 5 tiny babies but although they now have 3 incubators, only 1 was working because they only have 1 power socket! I had taken some old net curtain to provide some sort of mosquito net for these tiniest of babies and the staff were so thrilled, it is such a small item but shows how we so frequently take the obvious for granted. The mothers were all very keen for us to pray for their babies, such a privilege.

We then moved on into the delivery and ward areas, so many new born babies, it always makes me appreciate how wonderful out NHS really is! Yet more little jackets and hats were given out and there was sheer delight on the faces of the new mothers who closely examined the beautifully crafted items. Several said they had never seen such lovely things and felt their child was very blessed to receive it. Very humbling!

In the Surgical ward we dropped of several bags of incontinence pads and catheters that I had brought with me – yes, not glamorous but wow, the sister was thrilled beyond belief ‘so very needed’ she said – ‘thank, thank you, thank you’. We were given permission to go onto the wards where we gave out soap, toothbrushes and tooth paste and offered to pray with anyone – ALL hands went up, it was an amazing experience, Gods presence was tangible and His Peace was evident on the calming of those in such pain. I’m not a medic so found some of the horrific injuries, especially the burns difficult to confront. Just how amazingly stalwart the patients were with minimal dressings and pain relief will live with me for a very long time.”

Stitches students studying theory under the teaching of ‘JB’. They all love the new bright and airy classrooms. We now have 16 sewing machine stations and even have (solar) electric light!

Year 2 will be taking the DIT Level 1 Tailoring examination in November so they are revising hard.