‘Authentic Relationships’

It is a sad fact but true, most people are motivated by self in relationships. There is always an agenda, always an ‘angle’, always a drive that leads to connection. Sometimes these are conscious such as money, ambition and power. Sometimes unconscious and in ignorance, such as insecurities, dependencies and fears.
Jesus was unique among men. He neither responded to, nor related to – people’s agendas. He didn’t flirt with gossip, dance with flattery or promote with favouritism.

The book of Psalms says that God desires truth in the inward parts. Inward truth brings outward trust. You cannot trust a person, who is not in truth. Inward humility brings outward loyalty. You cannot follow a man whose motto is ‘me, myself and I’.

Human nature, by nature – is self.
God nature, by nature – is service.
Authenticity is a rare quality to find in life. It cannot be bought, cannot be marketed and it cannot be duplicated. It must by nature be unique, be genuine and be individualised by the individual.

If you want to live in fear – you can’t be authentic.  Authenticity takes courage, takes conviction and takes consecration.

Jesus carried the quality of authenticity – simply because, he is truth.