New Stools Delivered!
New Stools Delivered!

The new classroom block is operating really well and everyone loves it! Apart from looking so smart it is light and airy and very practical to use.

2 of the 4 rooms are fully equipped and are occupied every day. The other 2 rooms are being used on an occasional basis as they had not yet been equipped with anything other than lights and a blackboard. When needed old benches, rush matting and some chairs from the church are carried in for seating.

HOWEVER due to a wonderful donation we have been able to order 40 wooden stools, to be made by a local carpenter. Stools were chosen because they are cheaper than chairs and wood is stronger and longer lasting than the slightly cheaper plastic chairs.

Their delivery was greeted with great excitement.

We also have 1 new sturdy, smart looking teacher’s table which has metal legs and a wipeable Formica top. This was made at the Catholic Carpentry workshop in Lacor, the next town, where we have had good furniture made in the past.

Everyone is delighted and as you can see in the picture the room is already in use for Tailoring theory lessons and is also being used for English Literacy lessons.

The room will also be used for large meetings and lectures for training, such as those regularly given to the Village Health workers.

Can you help?

More funding is needed for tables as writing on laps isn’t that easy, not to say a bit back breaking. So, if anyone can help with this we’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you!

A good table to seat 3 along each side will cost about £60 but every small donation will be very much appreciated and added together we will soon have 4 legs AND a top!