This year was all about reflecting on my character and allowing God to enter in and mould and rebuild internally.

The focus for myself was all about rebuilding and unpacking.

Psalm 37 verse 5

"Commit thy way unto the Lord trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass"

What does commitment mean? Commitment is to be faithful and dedicated to a cause or activity.

God had asked me a simple question

Are you committing and allowing me to unpack what’s in your heart?

God showed me to unpack is to trust and commit and leave it with God -what the emery will do is try to divert and cast your mind back to the events that were unpacked so that we do not go forward.

Are you committed to carry on with this journey and trust that it shall come to pass?

As this journey will go on once we have left Uganda It is important to recognise that rebuilding will continue in every area of our lives and to trust God in the process.